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4"x4"x7" Acrylic Enclosure | The Critters Cave

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Laser cut acrylic enclosure for both small terrestrial and arboreal critters. The Size of the enclosure is actually 4x4x7.5 inches and the acrylic is 2.5mm thick and features a magnetic door to ensure your critters aren't going to sneak away. This enclosure is made in multiple pieces for easy storage. It can be easily assembled and is held together in a sturdy fixed position by rubber bands gripping comfortably on the notches. Note to buyer: I keep the protective film on the acrylic to ensure it doesn't get scratched during shipping. It would be good practice to peel the film off of BOTH sides before assembling. ALSO: THIS IS THE ENCLOSURE ONLY, accessories inside are NOT included. ASSEMBLY: after peeling off the plastic on all sides please connect all the side pieces and lid first then pop it into the bottom piece after. After all pieces are in place you are then free to add the rubber bands. Shipping: If you order 1 or 2 of these then i will send them USPS first class. But if you order more than 2 or pair it with another item then i will have to send it through USPS ground which takes a little longer. Social Media: The Critters Cave Email: Facebook: Instagram:



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Care Instructions

Once receiving the product peel the protective plastic covering off the acrylic pieces and follow the included instructions for assembly.