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Cuttlebone 5 pack | Food For Hermit Crabs, Isopods, Shrimp, Turtles, Birds. | The Critters Cave

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Cuttlebones is an excellent source of calcium for hermit crabs, isopods, snails, millipedes, and so many more little creatures! Cuttlebone is by far the easiest way to supply invertebrates with calcium and other minerals necessary for a healthy molt and hard shell development. Cuttlebone is: 100% natural and healthy Safe for Human and Pet consumption. Natural source of calcium and other minerals. Quantity: 5 pieces per bag. Size: Each bone is about 2 to 3.5 inches long To keep in mind: Some of the bones may arrive broken from shipping, we don't have much control over this variable but will try our best to mitigate any harm to the product! Shipping: Item is shipped through USPS First-Class. Social Media: The Critters Cave Email: Facebook: Instagram:



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