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Isopod And Springtail Culture Starter Kit | 2 Different Sizes | 12"x7"/16"X13" | 6 QT/15QT | Enclosure | The Critters Cave

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Introducing The Critters Cave's Isopod starter kit included with everything you'll need to start your colony now in 2 sizes! This kit is made with love by Isopod owners for isopod owners! This is the starter I have used for all my various Isopod and Springtail cultures and have had tremendous success. The container features 4 holes on opposite sides of each other (8 in total) to maximize airflow while also being able to keep humidity inside. I've included house made ABG soil that is a mixture of Fernwood and Coco fiber with added sphagnum moss for humidity and Fir wood that serves as an extra food source for Isopods and springtails. The soil mixture is light and fluffy to promote borrowing and holds humidity like a champ, my isopods LOVE it and yours will too! As of 1/16/22 we have amended our soil mixture to be a true ABG tropical mixture. featuring Fernwood, coco fiber, fir wood, and spaghnum moss. Fully organic with no fertilizer. Inside you'll find: x1 12x7 Container or 16x13 with the large option x1 Cork Bark x1 Double Cured Oak And Maple Leaf Litter. x1 Bag Of Moss for Humidity x2 Cuttlebone x1 2 Quart Bag Of Our Home Made ABG Mix or 4qt with the large option. *THIS KIT DOES NOT CONTAIN SPRINGTAILS OR ISOPODS.* Social Media: The Critters Cave Email: Facebook: Instagram:


Plastic tub, Soil mixture, live oak leaf litter, sphagnum moss, cuttlebone, and cork bark.

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Care Instructions

Spread out your soil in the enclosure and add cork bark. Add your sphagnum moss to one side of the enclosure that you will keep moist (When setting up an isopod enclosure you will want a moist side and a dry side) Add your cuttlebone and sprinkle your leaf litter around the enclosure and Voila!