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Limestone Calcium Powder For Isopods | Convenient Calcium In Shaker Bottles | 5oz and 8oz Bottles | The Critters Cave

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A hand packed shaker bottle filled with Pulverized limestone made specifically to contently care for your Isopods calcium needs.

A high protein diet isn't the only thing isopods need to thrive; they also need strong sources of calcium for a healthy shell.
Many species of isopods, the Cubaris Sp. for example survive in caves and use limestone as their primary source of calcium so your little critters will get a taste of home with our limestone blend.

These come in 2 sizes: 5oz and 8oz.

You can sprinkle this onto your substrate or outright mix it in as an amendment.

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Pulverized limestone powder

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This item is a consumable and is not eligible for return.

Care Instructions

Sprinkle a little in the dry side of your enclosure and enjoy