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Magnetic Arboreal Ledge |The Critters Cave

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Handmade magnetic ledges made out of unfinished pine wood for your little spider babies and arboreal friends! They're made out of natural untreated pine wood, I've included a large magnet for the outside making it easy to move it around the enclosure without having to put your hands inside. Each ledge is anywhere from 3 to 4 inches long and are meant for lighter species of critters Each item is made by hand and will have its own individual charm! they may not always match up with the photo perfectly. Now featuring 2 variations: Weaker but sleeker- This is our traditional ledge meant for smaller light critters like jumping spiders and other lighter species. It features 3 magnets seated inside of the flat edge of the ledge this gives it a clean look and allows it to sit flush against the wall of your enclosure without any gap. it features a long magnet to go on the outside of your enclosure making it easier to move the ledge around without having to put your hands inside your enclosure. Stronger but longer- This ledge features 2 larger magnets to give it a stronger hold allowing it to hold slightly heavier critters or added peace of mind. But with stronger magnets comes at a sacrifice, it will have a gap between the ledge and the wall of your enclosure taking away some of the natural look but adds to ease of mind. Social Media: The Critters Cave Email: Facebook: Instagram:


Pine ledge, magnets.

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Care Instructions

Attach to the side of your enclosure with the included magnets and enjoy!