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Terrarium Substrate Bio Active, Isopods, Jumping Spiders, Reptiles And More.| 4 quarts/ 1 Gallon | Organic ABG Mix | The Critters Cave

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Organic soil based off of the popular ABG substrate by Atlanta Botanical Garden. Our substrate is a perfect bedding for tropical/forest critters. Our soil is light and fluffy and supports borrowing for Micro-fauna. It is absolutely perfect for Isopods and firmly holds humidity, we've been using it in all of our Isopod cultures for years! Our substrate features Fernwood mixed with coco fiber and sphagnum to really hold humidity and fir wood to serve as a food source for isopods and springtails. This mixture is a true homemade ABG mix and does not feature any extra additives or fertilizers. Social Media: The Critters Cave Email: Facebook: Instagram:


Peat moss, Fernwood fiber, Fir bark, Leaf litter, and sphagnum moss.

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