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Top Opening Terrestrial Kit | Enclosure Kit For Tarantula | Baby Spiders | Millipede | Centipede | Isopods | The Critters Cave

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This kit is perfect for smaller terrestrial creatures or a small colony of isopods for breeding or display. It perfect for a breeding box as well as intermediary housing for a variety of critters. This is the same enclosure we sell as a standalone listing on our Etsy, The difference here is it has included cage accessories. If you want the individual enclosure, you can find it on our store page. SPECIFICATIONS: 4"x4"x7.6 inches. Enclosure is a snap together terrarium with rubber bands that give it a tight hold with no gaps, I assure you your critters wont escape, check our reviews and see your yourself! WHATS INSIDE: 4x4x7.5 enclosure 2 QT bag of premium forest floor ABG mix. 1 pc. of small cork bark 1 bag of leaf litter 1 bag of sphagnum moss 1 bag of 3 cuttlebone. 1 set of assembly instructions Note to buyer: I keep the protective film on the acrylic to ensure it doesn't get scratched during shipping. It would be good practice to peel the film off of BOTH sides before assembling. ALSO: THIS IS THE ENCLOSURE ONLY, accessories inside are NOT included. ASSEMBLY: after peeling off the plastic on all sides please connect all the side pieces and lid first then pop it into the bottom piece after. After all pieces are in place you are then free to add the rubber bands. 

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Acrylic enclosure, Soil mixture, Sphagnum moss, Leaf litter, Cuttlebone, And Cork bark

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Assemble your enclosure, add your ingredients and enjoy!