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Walnut Hide | Jumping Spider Hide

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Handmade Walnut Hides made out of real walnut shells to create a naturalistic hide for your arboreal babies!

Our walnut hide features a strong neodymium magnet, the Hide uses a bolt/nut combo instead of a glued on magnet to make sure there are no accidental falls. Installation is straight forward, attach your hide to the roof of your enclosure or anywhere you can fit it inside using the the included magnet and you're finished.

DISCLAIMER: These are handmade so no 2 hides will look perfectly alike as walnuts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Item is shipped through USPS First-Class. unless paired with other items that use priority.

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Organic walnut shell, Nut/Bolt combo and magnets

Shipping & Returns

This Item is Eligible for a 30 day return.

Care Instructions

Hang in the top of your enclosure with the included magnets and enjoy!